Turning Workdays into Paydays

Creates financial freedom and flexibility for employees

What is InstaPaid?

InstaPaid is a platform that allows employees to instantly access their earned wages whenever they want. We developed InstaPaid to revolutionize employee payroll. 

Øjeblikkelig udbetaling af optjent løn

Immediate payment of earned salary

With just one swipe in the app, employees can transfer their earned salary to their own account in a few seconds

Se optjent løn vokse i realtid

Watch earned wages grow in real time

The app updates the available pay balance when the employee ends a shift. It gives the feeling of progress and increases work satisfaction

"Plug and play" platform

"Plug and play" platform

For payroll system, time registration system and bank. Secure, simple and GDPR compliant. With full possibility of auditing, reporting and segregation of duties

Gratis for medarbejdere

Free for employees

The app is a free employee benefit for employees of companies that have entered into a partnership with InstaPaid.

Why now?

The labor market has undergone significant changes as a result of recent macro trends and events. This has led to challenges for many citizens today. At the same time, a completely new generation has emerged on the labor market, which exhibits new work behaviour, has new motives and sets new expectations for future employers.

Employees are increasingly demanding increased flexibility, greater recognition and modernization of salary payments.

With rising costs of living, interest rates, inflation and Generation Z entering the workforce, we see new challenges that employers must meet to remain attractive workplaces.



Younger employees prefer workplaces that offer flexible pay


Employee flight due to financial stress ​


Feeling pressured to cover expenses and pay bills where the due date is before payday


Lost in productivity due to financial stress

Sources: JP MORGAN (2022), EY (2020), PWC (2022), HBR (2022), ADP (2022)

Our vision

We want to revolutionize how employees get their wages paid

Hjælpe virksomheder med at forbedre medarbejdertrivsel

Help companies improve employee well-being

Give medarbejdere fleksibel  og hurtig adgang til optjent løn

Give employees flexible and quick access to earned wages

Minimere risikoen for dyre renter ved overtræk på konto.

Minimize the risk of expensive interest when overdrawing your account.




Feeling of being rewarded after every shift

Spar penge

save money

On interest costs from overdrafts and loans

Arbejdsgivers loyalitet

Employer loyalty

Employee incentive to take more shifts optimizes employee resources

Øget økonomisk sikkerhed

Increased financial security

Feeling of managing and controlling one's own finances

Tiltrækker nye medarbejdere

Attracts new employees

The company will be positioned as a modern workplace and will be the favorite especially for younger employees

Higher workforce utilization

Higher workforce utilization

motivate employees to take more shifts, which optimizes employee resources

Nye værktøjer til at drive adfærd

New tools to drive behavior

Simplify the process by awarding rewards or bonuses to employees, which reinforces their positive behavior and contributes to their development.

Opfattelse af højere værdi af løn

Perception of higher value of salary

Increases job satisfaction, well-being and employee retention

that's how it works

Emma checking his InstaPaid app. Her earned salary balance is
5.000,- that have not yet been paid.

Emma has to pay her electricity bill, but wants to avoid it
an expensive overdraft

Emma requests a payment of 1.200,-
via the InstaPaid app.

Money is transferred to Emma's bank account
within seconds

Emma's available balance is 
immediately up to date to NOK 3,800

Challenges we solve

Stress forårsaget af dyre leveomkostninger

Stress caused by high cost of living

Due to the lack of possibility for flexible salary payment, more workers are forced to take out short-term loans or pay expensive interest for overdrafts

Økonomisk ubalance

Economic imbalance

 social gap between employer and employee

Frustration over forældede aflønningsmetoder

Frustration with outdated remuneration methods

Younger generations are frustrated by the lack of flexibility and speed in current remuneration methods

Lav medarbejdermotivation

Low employee motivation

The time lag between effort and reward leads to financial stress for some employees.

Udfordring med at rekruttere og fastholde medarbejdere

Challenge in recruiting and retaining employees

Companies are challenged to attract and retain talented employees. To be competitive, employers must offer unique employee benefits.

Employee engagement

With InstaPaid. as a unique employee benefit, the employer sends a clear signal to its employees that their well-being is a high priority. Financial flexibility and freedom will increase employee well-being.

Højere medarbejderfastholdelse

Higher employee retention

Flexible pay has become a popular employee retention tool, with 78% stating that using it motivates them to stay with employers who offer it

Attraktiv arbejdsplads

Attractive workplace

The competitive labor market is driving a shift in employee benefits requirements, and 59% indicate that they find a workplace attractive if it offers flexible pay



Financial flexibility reduces financial stress and improves health and well-being. Our solution helps minimize absenteeism and thus increases productivity

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